Hooper Thing LLC

Hooper Thing LLC is a limited liability company founded in 2013 by Deeran Anderson-Hooper. Hooper Thing LLC is a subsidiary of the media, entertainment, and business ventures in which Anderson-Hooper is involved. Hooper Thing’s Productions include Hooper Thing Radio, Deeran Anderson Hooper Presents This Is It Music Talk Radio Show, Deeran Anderson Hooper Specials and Talking With Deeran which are all recorded at Hooper Thing LLC's Studio in La Mesa, CA   

  1. This Is It San Diego
    This Is It San Diego
    Music Radio Show
    A half hour weekly music/talk show that features funny, energetic, creative people and business while also showcasing independent artist music.
  2. Talking with Deeran
    Talking with Deeran
    Video Blog
    A 8 week episode Video Blog centered around inspirational, controversial and thought provoking topics and questions.
  3. A Deeran Anderson Hooper Special
    A Deeran Anderson Hooper Special
    Audio and video coverage
    A mixture of audio and visual broadcasts and streams that include insightful interviews and coverages.