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Hooper Thing radio is moving from Blog Talk radio to KNSJ 89.1FM. This weekly show combines entertainment elements, current events, tips, educational interviews and topics all wrapped in inspiration, family and fun. Each season the HTR team focuses on topics that are positive, funny, inspirational, education and relatable. HTR season 4 airs on KNSJ 89.1FM 8pm pst Fridays starting July 2017.

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Evangelist Vernice Burroughs 

Meet The Host

Vernice Burroughs was born in Chicago in 1964 and was raised there until her high school years.  Her family relocated to San Diego upon her late fathers orders in the Military in April 1980.  Married 35 years to her high school sweetheart David Burroughs Sr. in 1982, together they are the proud parents of five extraordinarily intelligent, gifted and talented young men and have five beautiful grandchildren as well.

Her current field of profession is in the Title Insurance industry of which she’s been a part of for 33 years.  Although corporate America has always been her goal from childhood she was introduced to the world of broadcasting and quickly fell in love with the broadcasting community while being interviewed during her featured part as Dorothy in the famous stage play show entitled “The Wiz” which was presented in the year 2000 at San Diego’s Spreckles Theater. 

She loves God, loves to sing, loves to laugh, has a passion for reading and loves to engage in conversations that inspire people.  She brings to the table 52 years of her life’s experience which would entail what she’s learned while being a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend and minister along with over 20 years of experience serving in various capacities in different communities.

It is her endeavor as a talk show host to both encourage and inspire every listener to be “the best them” that they can be and to keep her listening audience informed of the various ways to be wonderful, productive contributors to society.

Life Coach David Burroughs

Meet The C0-Hosts

As the unstoppable force behind Deuce Unlimited (David.Live), David Burroughs II, affectionately known as "Deuce Dot" is here to help you upgrade to Life 2.0. A multidisciplined entrepreneur and life coach, he knows that there’s more to personal development than hashtags and catchy slogans. He’s here to help others uncover their genuine sense of Purpose, motivating solopreneurs to deconstruct the status quo and start living life epically. Whether you’re building your brand, your business, or just your best self, David has got the life hacking skills to reprogram you for personal success.

David is a graduate of the San Diego School of Creative & Performing Arts, an institution responsible for powerhouse talents like Andra Day (Warner Bros Records) and Sara Ramirez (Grey's Anatomy). Having studied visual arts, he understands how expectation colors our reality - what we expect we manifest! Notably, he's worked with Grammy-nominated artist, Tonex (now B.Slade) and recently, famed actress and recording artist, Tisha Campbell-Martin. He lives for watching others come alive to their own potential; inspired by the “Aha!” moments when they finally activate their dreams and deepest revelations. David considers himself a servant-leader, striving to be an example of every principle he promotes. He views every day as an opportunity to educate and empower ready minds.

Show History

Season 1 aired in the summer of 2013, Deeran had a vision to start a faith based radio show and enlisted Marrietta and Lisa. After the first conversation of brainstorming the three decided to do a modern day faith-based show that would appeal to the everyday person young and old. With Deeran's personality, Lisa's experience as a wife and mother, and Marrietta's creativity, the three knew they had a recipe for something special. After some trial, error and testing; the show took off with a great first season. Also during the season the very funny Alisha joined the team as a part-time host who filled in for each host that was absent. 

Season 2 started in the summer of 2014 during that time the funny and always "say it like she mean it" Kristan stepped in  as a replacement Co-Host  for Deeran alongside Lisa and Marrietta  for the season while he went to do world traveling.

Season 3 started in the Winter of 2015 with Deeran returning as a main Co-Host, Lisa returning as a recurring guest-host alongside two new co-hosts, The funny and Crazy Vivian (A.K.A The Mogul) and The southern Boy Jamal (A.K.A The Hard Working Prankster) Also added to the cast was the always inspirational Minister Paula Harris who was the segment leader for the "Whats the word" segment.
Season 4 will start in the summer of 2017 with weekly shows, Also Hooper Thing Radio will move from Blog Talk Radio to KNSJ 89.1FM. Deeran will be returning as executive producer and three new members Evangelist Vernice Burroughs and Life Coach David Burroughs joining as the shows new hosts. 

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