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This Is It Producers are always looking for a great story! Do you have an amazing story to tell? Do you have a project you would like to promote? Do you have a cause you would like to bring more awarness to? Do you want to be a guest on the show? Contact us at [email protected].
Do you have a random/crazy question that you want to Ask or get answered? Want to ask your question on the show? Do you have an idea for a segment? Is there something you're super curious to know about the hosts or something you've heard on the show? Whatever it is you want to know, now is your time to ask!

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This is it Music Talk Radio Show is a music/talk radio show that features  Deeran Anderson-Hooper and one guest host each show together they will cover a wide range of topics. If you think you have a great personality and have any experiance in the entertainment/music industry then you would make a great guest co-host.  Contact us at ​[email protected]

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Past Shows

Below are a couple of past shows, to hear all past shows from this season go to our soundcloud page or click​ ​​​​​​​ here .

Season1 Episode 9

Season1 Episode 8

Elaine Swann Interview

Young Poppy Interview

(Original Air Date: 4/07/17) On todays show The one and only Young Poppy joins Deeran to talk about his career, his 1.6M social media followers and dishes on other social media entertainers. Featured independent artist on todays show is Body by Lance Somerville.
 Click ​​​​here for more detail.
(Original Air Date: 4/14/17) Joining Deeran on the show is author, etiquette coach and reality star of Fox's #KickingAndScreaming Elaine Swann! Featured independent artist on todays show is Body by Lance Summerville.
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Uploading Mucic form
This is It San Diego is a radio talk show that primarily airs indepent artist music. 
Consent And Release Form
When submitting music to "This Is It San Diego" read, sign and submit both forms above along with the desired music in .wav or .MP3 format that you are asking to be played on air, make sure to radio edited all music before submission. Email all forms and music to [email protected] If you have any questions reguarding music please email our music coordinator Shona at [email protected]

About The show!

R​​adio and event host, Deeran Anderson- Hooper, hosts, “This Is It” music/talk radio show that features funny, energetic, creative and educational pop and R&B music from mainstream and independent artits. The show includes unrivaled interviews with artists, field experts and many more. If you enjoy R&B, Pop, Rap, up-beat soul and pop-country music, this show is for you. “This is It” will put an emphasis on independent talent and educational topics while also giving you the main stream music you love.

KNSJ 89.1FM is an Activist San Diego non-profit Community Radio station. KNSJ brings education, information (including emergency information), community affairs, entertainment, cultural programs and now local music to areas where no such public broadcasting service has existed before. For more information about KNSJ visit KNSJ.org.

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This Is It affords a unique opportunity to reach a young and influential audience through positive programming in a brand safe environment.

To learn more about sponsorship or underwriting opportunities on This Is it  or KNSJ 89.1FM, please contact us via the contact tab.
For inquiries about jobs and internships, please contact [email protected]  Hooper Thing hosts interns year-round and considers interns an integral part of our team.